- Our Mission - let's make DefiChain decentralized!

Defichain - Decentralized finance enabled on Bitcoin

The cryptocurrency industry is based on a simple premise: people should be fully in control of their finances.
While it seems like a simple and obvious statement, the current systems are far from providing financial services that are truly under the control of the people who use them.
The mission of DeFiChain is to give people (and in the future, machines, and devices) seamless access to decentralized financial services.

For that purpose, DeFiChain is created, a dedicated blockchain specifically for decentralized finance (DeFi)

Reach the goal of decentralization

In 2020, the Blockchain starts with a couple of Masternodes, hosted by one Company and the DeFi Foundation. For one Masternode, you must lock 1 Million DFI, that was equivalent of $ 2 Million.
In January 2021, the Masternode- and Stakeholders decide in DFI Proposal #4 to reduce the Collateral for one Masternode to 20000 DFI.
At March 1, 2021, the Hardfork named DAKOTA was implemented in Block 678000 and reduce the Collateral.

Now it is time for the Holders of DFI, to make the network more stable, let decentralization grow and participate in the network with operate a own Masternode.