Masternode FAQ

How does "rent-a-operator node" work?
If you don't want to set up, maintain and update your Operatornode yourself, you have the possibility to rent an Operatornode via
You will receive a legacy operator address and can activate your operatornode from your wallet. The OP-Nodes runs clustered in various data centers on virtual servers and are protected against unauthorized access.

How is the operator node protected against external attacks?
Please understand that we cannot go into detail here in order not to provide instructions to possible attackers.
However, the systems are basically secured with a software/hardware firewall, access is exclusively certificate-based and only from unlocked IP addresses and the servers are equipped with additional security measures that detect and block external attacks.

What advantages does the own masternode offer compared to other Service-Providers?
Clearly, point number 1, not your keys, not your coins. You remain the ownership of your private keys at all times and do not have to send your coins anywhere.
Another advantage is that you actively support the network and contribute to the decentralization of Defichain.
Decentralization is an important part for the success of the project. Therefore, every investor should do his part if possible.

What is the return on investment if I have my own masternode?
Check Calculator for details.

Other providers offer me the same annual return as if I run my node myself, how is that possible?
With most other providers you have to send your coins to them. Together with many others who provide their coins to the provider, the provider can create more "shared masternodes".
This is not the case with, because you always remain in possession of your coins and private keys. The return at is therefore without compound interest and displayed as APR, other providers advertise with APY, i.e. the reinvestment of your rewards to increase your Rewards.

How is it ensured that my operator node works?
This is the responsibility of
Due to the clustered systems, each active operator node has another active node and additionally one or more passive nodes, which step in and take over the mining process in case of an error.

Can I freeze my masternode through you?
Yes, that is possible. But you have to keep in mind that you don't have the private key of your operator node and have to trust our service like you do an Exchange or CAKE.

Will I get the private key?
If we discontinue our service, we will develop a procedure for you to send us a signed message using your owner address to prove ownership of your operator address. For security reasons, we do not plan to issue the private key beforehand. Please note, once you are in possession of your private key of the operator, we do NOT stak with this operator anymore. This can also not be reversed.

What is the command to freeze a masternode?
10 years:
5 years: