Masternode Management

Do not want to manage your Linux VPS or set it up by yourself? To update each AIN-Version? Contact us on Telegram @Stonygan or @BerndMack or per Mail info(a)

We create your Masternodesetup like described in Option 3 in the DefiChain Wiki on your own VPS or you can Rent-a-Operatornode.

Your advantages?

You help the network by providing a high-availability 24/7 virtual server on the Internet, which acts as your operating Masternode.
You will receive the rewards on your private wallet, which is then configured as an Ownernode.
Your $DFI stays in your own wallet at all times, you don't give it away.

How much does it cost?

Payment is based on time and effort and on an hourly basis.

Our Mission - let's make DefiChain decentralized!