Rent your OP

Rent your Operatornode!

What you have to do? Only hold the 20.000 DFI in your Wallet at home. Mac, Windows or Linux, its your choice.

What we do? We send you an Legacyoperatoraddress and configure a ThreadStaker which minting for your Owneraddress.

You create the Masternode in your Wallet with your Owneraddress and our Operatoraddress. You get the rewards directly to your wallet.

Where can i get an Operatoraddress? contact us on Telegram or Mail (info(a)

Whats the benefit? You dont have to manage a Linux-Server, secure it and update it.
We run the Operatornodes in a Active-Active Cluster. New AIN-Version, reindex needed? Oh no, whats up with my Staker?
Nothing happened, we update the Nodes, without interruption of Staking.

High Availability for your Operatornode nearly 100%.


PDF Create MN (english) or PDF Create MN (german)

Where are we currently located?