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DeFiChain - Voting

Since Hardfork Grand Central from 2022-12-08 the Voting is OnChain.

Mainnet Proposals

Proposal ID DFIP: Staking Token Promotion326876611Completed
Proposal ID
Proposal ID Stake 90% of USDT, USDC and USDC backings for DFI buy & burn416000011Voting
Proposal ID Moderators H1 202329900001182750df1qlusfdhddy3273qk8st3u285pf4ypewaf5zj4zmCompleted
Proposal ID looped DUSD vaults312000011Rejected
Proposal ID DFIP: Add dSUI-DFI pair to DEX + Stake 90% of SUI backings for DFI via buy & burn323775411Completed
Proposal ID Community Fund Diversification; Re-Upload due to neutral voting bug286000011Rejected
Proposal ID on Defichain377000011Completed
Proposal ID of the dUSD factor in Vaults from $1.2 to $1.00286000011Completed
Proposal ID (5400 DFI)2860000115400dG6hmNZwSb1eV318LQ4rLGSEBhmfdEGvx5Completed
Proposal ID
Proposal ID DeFiChain (DFI) on CoinDCX 364000011161200df1qjrjdhex2fgyy8s4ug9nul9jjwp2svy59hfa63rCompleted
Proposal ID
Proposal ID
Proposal ID
Proposal ID Discount DEX Stabilization Fee376053811Completed
Proposal ID Public Community Liquidation Bot & DFI Liquidity for Lending & Borrowing Market.416000011600000df1qtlrngvmcjee0hdeg3cqt45f6el7hkwhzj8khqcVoting
Proposal ID DFIP: Add DOT-, SOL-, MATIC- DFI pairs to DEX + Stake 90% of their backings for DFI buy & burn321392111Completed
Proposal ID DeFiChain (DFI) on Coinstore (Continuation) 416000011331000df1q9u2gg005zeeulpcdwzymwfdytvvfehhjympnyxVoting
Proposal ID Increase buy-burn bot Rewards through 10% of the crypto Rewards286000011Completed
Proposal ID collateral not allowed for DUSD-loans312000011Rejected
Proposal ID Market - Remove Discount and Stabilisation Fee416000011Voting
Proposal ID activation trigger for dynamic interest rates312000011Rejected
Proposal ID redirection of block rewards to the XCHF-DFI pool to enhance the usability of XCHF377000011Rejected
Proposal ID 2 of opening Defichain to outside investors416000011Voting
Proposal ID DFI - Appreciation for successfully submitted, agreed to, and implemented DFIP286000011Completed
Proposal ID Fund Diversification370868911Completed
Proposal ID - Formation of DeFiChain Labs3770000111dZbEGqfbYYMXp9hNHMn7atwEV95uVYPyUhCompleted
Proposal ID Allow dSOL, dMATIC, dBCH, dLTC, dDOGE, dDOT, dSUI as Collateral for Vaults338000011Rejected
Proposal ID Moderators 2023/Q3, 2023/Q4 and 2024/Q1403000011118800df1qlusfdhddy3273qk8st3u285pf4ypewaf5zj4zmCompleted
Proposal ID of Yield Machine and Interest Rates on defichain-income.com29900001110000df1q2p2x3zje5acra9me0gnnt7eqy68zgtvunhujewCompleted
Proposal ID Helper and DeFiChain-Votings.com35100001160000dX8aFQqxTkiFHRNpTDcUkZQbGmWPRXhfWJRejected
Proposal ID DeFiChainWiki (9000 DFI)2701440119000df1qr48ve9ufwl7r94y267mw6merw0ylwpv2ktkjmnCompleted
Proposal ID
Proposal ID Liquidity Provision for the Decentralized Bridge (Crowdswap) on DMC 4030000114000000df1qe7rf98xn0dyz9xd0ltttgeygluly7hs88hgzn5Completed
Proposal ID on defichain286000011Completed
Proposal ID DFIP: Crypto Rewards Rebalancing326876611Completed
Proposal ID Bridge for access to the DeFiMetaChain377000011736666df1qe7rf98xn0dyz9xd0ltttgeygluly7hs88hgzn5Completed
Proposal ID of dMARA, dMU, dHOOD, dASML and dSMCI to the defichain DEX403000011Completed
Proposal ID
Proposal ID ,InTheMarket’’ Podcast 2701440119000df1qz0pr424az5hn23ucarmehngh3mqqa9qs9t5ph5Completed
Proposal ID DeFiChains Potential: Enhancing Quantum Bridge Liquidity with Community Development Funds299000011Rejected
Proposal ID IBIT (Spot ETF) instead of BITO (Futures ETF) to the defichain DEX390000011Completed
Proposal ID of DUSD locks299000011Completed
Proposal ID DefichainPython Library III 🐍33800001160000df1qfeu35sq6tlskuj3j2nwmky7cdp504c745dm4zhCompleted
Proposal ID
Proposal ID Join Us in Fueling the Future of DexTrading on DeFiChain!35100001150000df1qllkpcyj8ky75t6l6w4jt4grja0xh3pwzzyern7Completed
Proposal ID Swiss Franc (xCHF) on the Defichain; Listing of DFI-XCHF and dUSD-XCHF325000011Completed
Proposal ID DFIP: Adding IBIT (Spot ETF) instead of BITO (Futures ETF) to the defichain DEX364954911Rejected
Proposal ID B: The negative interest rates should be canceled312000011Rejected
Proposal ID
Proposal ID Continue DFI rewards on BSC DFI-BNB pool on BSC/ (20000 DFI)28600001120000df1q0v6depmsdxk27ly7fp0nf7xjgxj73sm0pzx4z2Rejected
Proposal ID Portfolio Optimisation with Modern Portfolio Theory27014401120000df1qy5jmcchmxwhs960ljzwjw20504qdgxljln4k5rRejected
Proposal ID C: The negative interest rates on DUSD-loans should be limited to 15 per cent312000011Rejected
Proposal ID safely delist dTokens from DeFiChain when the corresponding ticker is delisted299000011Completed
Proposal ID you want Lock to change its voting-mechanism?312000011Rejected
Proposal ID the blockrewards for Pool LTC-DFI and use them for the DUSD Burnbot286000011Completed
Proposal ID back the Accelerator Program416000011300000df1qz9p4xpqmg6qwq779sgtyhzvz04tg0zt748nql2Voting
Proposal ID
Proposal ID Buy-and-Burn Bot with more Rewards275523711Completed
Proposal ID Turkey - On the Way to Becoming the Biggest Regional Community32500001145000df1qupg4k7vd9lltjcklhufjqu9hfytgkclvky2pfeCompleted
Proposal ID of the work done by Kügi in the community in the last months28600001120000df1qe9eus79waxmwu8ntjgsjjtspv9hs9kmr8y44x2Completed
Proposal ID on defichain274597811Completed
Proposal ID - Continuation of the Atomic Swap-dBTC Exploit Investigation 2024390000011500000df1qyh0tkhxusw5mfyl7n50mq4hatqwkh8tckqyr69Completed
Proposal ID Community Fund Diversification270144011Rejected
Proposal ID : Lets Pump DeFiMetaChain at SocialMedia! 🚀 (40,000 DFI)33800001140000df1qy3ws2e0gyez5hl7xjkx7mqdf4lkyfyh42ygk9pRejected
Proposal ID EVM Layer (DMC DFI) on Coinstore390000011205000df1q9u2gg005zeeulpcdwzymwfdytvvfehhjympnyxCompleted
Proposal ID Ongoing Investigation/Case Atomic Swap-dBTC Exploit on DeFiChain - Budget 2023270144011200000df1qs8ragd0w59uqjmupqne9shf004ws4j5trgx2cdCompleted
Proposal ID new dAssets on defichain DEX and reallocation of DFI liquidity mining rewards338000011Completed
Proposal ID Integration of DMC into a Centralized Exchange (CEX)351000011418526dMt3qT1Tqm9YJicZF2ooqy3TYNm1xzFtd7Completed
Proposal ID the blockrewards for Pool DOGE-DFI and use them for the DUSD Burnbot286000011Completed
Proposal ID constructive way to reduce the dex fee398956211Completed
Proposal ID usage of staking collateral to increase buy&burn dUSD416000011Voting
Proposal ID
Proposal ID dETH-backing ETH on Bake to buy & burn DFI321271311Completed
Proposal ID DFI EVM on ChangeNow 403000011100df1qurhw65glue6yrd8d5p9l32rkus2xr43jh9rswlCompleted
Proposal ID the blockrewards for Pool BCH-DFI and use them for the DUSD Burnbot286000011Completed
Proposal ID Sponsorship of the National Fighting Championship (NFC) (500 000 DFI) #246270144011500000df1qaw6xs2jhj5y6ssdvm4vl2gsd6hvnw65g9vkw2tCompleted
Proposal ID CUSD, A MetaChain Natively-Issued Stablecoin w/ an On/Off Ramp377000011140000df1qeyrkdvfd0x7kcvxtq6mp3kwp4j2z4ndvj3hztzRejected
Proposal ID Removing of the additional 0.2% burn-fee in the dToken system270144011Completed
Proposal ID of DFI-block-rewards for dAsset-pools338000011Completed
Proposal ID and re-collateralize the dToken system as deterministically and effectively as possible, without permanent expropriation416000011Voting
Proposal ID
Proposal ID
Proposal ID staking293806311Completed
Proposal ID buy-burn bot Rewards through dToken Rewards286000011Completed
Proposal ID to buy DFI by increasing negative interest on dUSD263396411Completed

Testnet Proposals

Proposal ID constructive way to reduce the dex fee151886911Rejected
Proposal ID