Masternode Reward Calculator

This calculator is based on the real Blocktime of 30s and therefore 2880 new blocks each day, with a Blockreward for the Masternodes of 96.63043965 DFI.
Please note, the Blockreward decrease 1.658% every 32690 blocks.
Enabled Masternodes: All Enabled Nodes in the Network.
Active Masternodes: Found a block in the last 14 days (40320 blocks).
We calculate only with the active Masternodes. It seems that the others are offline.

Enabled Masternodes 10736
Active MN last 14 days 10495
10 Year locked MN 2628
5 Year locked MN 700
Qty MN: Active MN+Subnodes of locked MN 13473
Qty Subnodes 34084
Blocktime in seconds30
Blockreward in DFI96.63

Qty. MN:
Blockreward: DFI
Blocktime: s
Collateral: DFI